All Movies and tv shows on Paramount Plus
Paramount Plus (Paramount+) is a streaming service with over +450 movies and +250 TV shows. Paramount Plus offers many original titles including the Kevin Costner-led Yellowstone and Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King. We will helps you find movies and shows on the platform with our complete guide.

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Can I Get Paramount Plus in my country?
Yes, Paramount Plus is available worldwide. To subscribe, you can register through the Paramount Plus website or the app. This streaming service operates on a subscription basis, offering options for monthly or yearly payments. However, it’s important to note that there are certain titles available in the U.S. that may not be accessible in Canada due to regional restrictions.

What Movies and TV Shows are on Paramount Plus?
Paramount Plus serves as the home for the complete library of titles from Paramount Pictures. This extensive collection includes shows such as Mayor of Kingstown, South Park, and titles within the Yellowstone universe including 1883 and 1923. You’ll also find iconic movie franchises like Mission: Impossible and Top Gun available on Paramount Plus.

The platform is the ultimate destination for Star Trek fans, offering every movie and series from the franchise. These include the original series to Star Trek: Picard and Strange New Worlds. Additionally, it features a number of beloved children’s programs like iCarly and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Use the guide to browse through the collection of movies and TV shows on Paramount Plus. Add your own filters including IMDb ratings and age preferences as well as release date and genre to find the perfect title.

Is Paramount Plus Free with Amazon Prime?
No, Paramount Plus is not free with an Amazon Prime Video subscription. However, you can use your Prime Video account to subscribe to Paramount Plus as a channel, and you’ll be eligible for a free 7-day trial.